Forum Defender

Challenge Level 4 - Forum Defender

Map: Factory

Mode: Team Deathmatch

Kills to win: 21

Mission DescriptionEdit

Defend the forums!


Weapon: Banhammer

Skill: Repair bots

HP: x7, but in the latest version (v1.8) it became x10


  • Don't rush yourself to kill the enemies. The problem is that you only have a Melee weapon while they have Ranged weapons.
  • Enemies start out with a score of 20 kills, meaning they only need 1 kill to finish the match (unless they commit suicide obviously by shooting themselves with their own explosives or through that place where you can get sucked up).
  • The best strategy is to use a Sniper with True Stealth or a Juggernaut with a Deflection Plate. Avoid the enemy classes with shotgun or sniper rifles at all cost because they seriously do a lot of damage.
  • Kill the opponents when their alone, it reduces the damage you will take, and end up with a lower chance of death.
  • Find an opponent with a rocket launcher and get in their face, let them kill themselves. this may cause a lot of damage to you but you'll survive with your higher health pool and gain an extra 'Life".
  • If you're very close to dying, you can commit suicide to avoid losing by giving the kill to the enemy team (you DO NOT lose the game when committing suicide in this challenge).
  • The A.I. generally hang around the top, although sometimes one or two of them would go to the far sides.
  • A General with Transfusion or Mercenary with Bloodthirst can easily earn back a large portion of damage taken.

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