SFH2 Fortress War

Fortress War

Map: Mansion (Dusk)

Mode: Capture the Flag

Flags to win: 5

Mission DescriptionEdit

Battle Turrets! Battle Turrets everywhere!


Killstreak: Battle Turret

Skill: Autostreak


It's suggested to use your Battle Turrets to protect your flag instead of using them to kill off the enemy. Also, a good way to capture the opponents flag is by entering/exiting the mansion at the very top. 

If you kill an enemy, their battle turret will be destroyed. That goes with all killstreaks too. Including yours. So remember to keep yourself alive, because if you do, your turrets will too.

Advice from the suggestor of the challenge:

The sentry turret has moderate health, and is a great meat shield. Use it to cover the player when under fire.

Dropping down a sentry gun as you leave with the enemy flag can save your life.

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