The Flamethrower

The Flamethrower is an elemental weapon used by the Juggernaut.  As it's name suggests, it spews out fire to kill enemies.  The fire has a lasting effect on the enemies, continuing to damage them for a few seconds even after the juggernaut has stopped shooting.


As with all elemental weapons, the flamethrower is only effective at close range.  It does not do as much damage as most other elemental weapons, but makes up for it by covering enemies in flames and having a very high rate of fire.  The flamethrower can be used as a hit-and-run weapon, with the player dashing towards enemies, spewing flames at them, and finally backing out. It is highly advised to use the pas sive skill Resistance with the flamethrower, since the player himself can get covered in flames.



An Awesome Flamethrower I Get!

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