Five Seven (2)

The Five Seven

The Five Seven is the Secondary that is pre-bought for the Sniper. A useful single shot pistol, it has a relatively large magazine, holding 10 rounds. It can deal a moderate amount of damage, but is inaccurate even at medium range. The rate of fire is okay, and has good range, making the gun suitable for sniping. The large clip makes up for the inaccuracy, but you will often find yourself down to 1 or 2 shots after a firefight, due to missed shots. For this reason, try not to take on multiple enemies at a time.

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: As suggested by the gun being the Sniper's default weapon, it is good for use with a Sniper Rifle. But, as it is a quite versatile pistol, it can be used with pretty much anything that deals moderate damage.

Recommended use against: Weaker enemies. The Five Seven isn't necessarily just for finishing off opponents, but it is ineffective when used against heavily armoured enemies. Otherwise, it can usually take out most of the lesser armoured classes without too much bother.

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