First Blood

First Blood Knife

 The First Blood is derived from the Combat Knife, found in SFH1. In the Campaign mode, this knife is used by Dex. This knife is based on the knife found in the movie First Blood.

 The SFH2 version is stronger however, and overall a better weapon. The fire rate is okay, which is important as it takes multiple hits to disable almost any enemy with full HP. The range is poor when compared to other Melee weapons and in this respect the First Blood feels similar to the Wrench. In other respects though, the First Blood feel lighter to use and is actually pretty fun to run around with. It does not require much skill to master this weapon, although sometimes the AI will killsteal your opponent in between swings of the Knife.

Moderate power is achieved with this weapon, but you can only expect one shot kills when your enemies have very low health. If an enemy runs away from you, they are out of range fast, so be careful that they don't then spin round and blast your head off with a Spas 12. Use the weapon as a last resort, along with a good Primary that you feel comfortable using.

Unlike the Katana or Shock Rod, it has no "special effects" like reducing damage or reflecting bullets. Therefore, It should only be used in place of another melee weapon if you have bad aim and need this weapon's characteristics.

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