Famas Assault Rifle

The Famas is a Three Round Burst Assault Rifle for the Engineer. The Famas is very notable for it's range which is great for taking down distant enemies. However, be sure to keep a distance from the enemy as this weapon's burst fire is really not effective in close range where there's a delay everytime the engineer fire which will make him very vulnerable in that time period.


Recommended Secondary: A pistol would be a good weapon of choice, such as the Kriss Kard or FMG9.

Recommended to use against: Engineers, Mercenaries, and Juggernauts

Recommended to use with: Laser sights, HAMR sights, or extended mags


  • It is used by Nathan, the Engineer in the Campaign. 
  • It used to be Single Shot in the first game 
  • Each bullet in a 3 round burst does the full damage 

Tips Edit

  • Despite stating that the weapon has a low ROF, one must also consider the fact that each bullet in each 3-round burst does the FULL damage stated. That means if the card states it does 21 damage, it will deal 63 with one click
  • The gun rewards accuracy. Headshots are incredibly important if one wishes to take full advantage of this gun's unique damage output
  • It is highly recommended to use this weapon from range, as the lengthy pause before you fire off another burst may be dangerous

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