The F2000 is a very good weapon, with its medium accuracy, good firepower (for an assault rifle) and high rate of fire. The only downside of this weapon is that it runs out of ammo fast.  

Practical Information:Edit

It is a fully automatic assault rifle, with a fast firing speed. Because of this, it is important to reload frequently, to avoid running out of ammo. The damage dealt seems small, but is actually respectable. In the right hands, this weapon is deadly.

This is a pretty well-balanced assault rifle, with good firing speed, good damage, respectable accuracy (up to 75% at higher levels), and a good range.

Recommended use with: Long range, high damage and single shot pistols such as the Kriss Kard, the Desert Eagle, M1911 or the Beretta PX4. It is effective with Extended Mags (or a Loudener, if the F2000 already got a extended magazine for itself).

Recommended use against: Medium-Light armored enemies. For enemies with more health, use the strong pistol you should have.

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