The Engineer is a soldier class in SFH 2 who excels at mid-range assault and defense, as well as holding

The Engineer

down a fort capable of shredding almost any opponent. He is armed with a high ROF and DPS Assault rifle and a plethora of incredibly dangerous and useful machinery capable of turning the tide of a battle over time.

Engineer Killstreaks

All of the Engineer's available Killstreaks

About the EngineerEdit

The Engineer, while stated to be the new replacement for the SFH Medic, his playstyle and health is much more like the SFH Commando than anything else, promoting picking the right fights and staying alive during a killstreakThe Engineer is a Soldier with many unique and powerful killstreaks. Unlike other Soldiers whose Killstreaks directly benefit themselves, the Engineer's killstreak leans toward creating a near indestructible fort of bullets and rockets, capable of assaulting the enemy or defending a crucial objective. Unlike other Soldiers who get an instant boost in their survival or fighting capabilities, the Engineer's Killstreaks focus on becoming more and more powerful over time. While his health is mediocre compared to the Juggernaut, and his burst fire is almost nonexistent compared to the Snipers, the Engineer will always have a good chance of landing headshots, achieving critical hits, and suppressing an area of enemies for longer than such classes can. The Engineer was designed around the idea of mediocrity, not too strong, but not too weak, and his Killstreaks reflect upon that mindset.

Battle TurretEdit

The Battle Turret, also called the Mini Turret within the game files is a relatively sturdy, high DPS structure

Mini Turret

A Battle Turret in action

capable of guarding and holding an area for 12 seconds. The Battle Turret fires at a rate of approximately 6.5 RPS, with damage ramping up from 5, at level 1, to 20, at level 20. The Battle Turret has a relatively large radius, being able to cover roughly the entire screen. As the Turret locks onto an enemy, a laser sight will appear on that target, regardless of whether or not the barrel of the gun is pointing in that direction. The Turret has decent accuracy, usually being able to land hits 70% of the time, however, it can only target enemies who are in it's line of sight, as well as the double edges sword of having a slow turn speed.


  • The battle Turret outputs amazing amounts of damage, being able to kill at most 4 soldiers during its lifetime. A level 50 Battle Turret will output a total of 130 damage over the course of 6 seconds, not including the ability to score criticals and headshots, leading to total of 1560 damage over its life, assuming the turret is constantly shooting and hitting an enemy (12x6.5=78x20)
  • The Battle Turret is also quite accurate. As long as the gun barrel is in the general direction of the opponent, the Turret will automatically rotate itself to shoot at it. As soon as the gun barrel is locked onto an opponent, evading damage will be very slim
  • The gun starts shooting IMMEDIATELY after detecting an enemy, even if the enemy is on the opposite side of the barrel, leading to some free damage against wandering enemies
  • The turret has the same health as you, meaning that in a pinch, you are capable of using it as a sort of "meat shield"


  • The battle turret turns incredibly slow, taking almost a full 3 seconds just to attack an enemy adjacent to it. This allows them time to either retreat or destroy the turret immediately
  • Like most of the Engineer's structures, they are most vulnerable while being built. While popping up, they are still susceptible to damage and any damage taken will not being able to be repaired
  • While one is able to use the Turret as a sort of shield, the amount of health the Turret has scales with your own, meaning it will never have more health than you, making it relatively fragile, specifically against Juggernauts and Snipers
  • Like all of the Engineer's Killstreaks, upon his death, the building will immediately self destruct
  • The effort of activing a Battle Turret is still relatively hefty, though penalties of dying may be reduced by using the Efficiency skill


  • The Battle Turret is most useful in small maps with lots of elevation, allowing it to take full advantage of its range and accuracy
  • While on lower difficulties the Turret may be extremely helpful in assaulting the Enemy base, as the difficulties ramp up, one may be inclined to start using the Battle Turret more as a meat shield or additional source of damage, as the damage down against the Turret is far greater than what it can possibly survive
  • While not particularly expensive, consider staying with your Turret when it is set up, as it significantly reduces the chances of both of you dying, as well as giving you to opportunity to coordinate your attacks together, leading to some insane damage output

Combat DroneEdit

The Combat Drone is the odd one out of the Engineer's arsenal. Unlike other killstreaks which allow the

Combat Drone

A Combat drone

Engineer to output greater damage against a group of enemies, the Combat Drone's main function is to act as a secondary source of damage. While it does damage more consistently than some of the other Killstreaks, it is unable to distinguish if there is solid wall between enemies. The Drone does 15 damage at Level 1, to about 60 damage at Level 50, as well as boasting a fire rate of 4 RPS, as well as having the ability to score headshots and critical damage. It also aims instantly, but cannot be targeted by enemies, making it useless as a shield


  • The Combat Drone outputs amazing DPS, with a Level 50 Drone doing almost 1920 damage, if all of the rounds hit. (4x8=32x60)
  • The Combat Drone is significantly easier to gain and unlike other Killstreaks in the game, it is the only one able to stack, leading to some awesome moments with Combat Drones, especially if you have the Efficiency Skill
  • The Combat Drone has an instant attack and turn speed, reacting even quicker than you possibly could to an approaching enemy
  • The Combat drone cannot be targeted or destroyed outside of having the allotted time running out, meaning you don't have to worry about it being destroyed.
  • The Killstreak is very "fire and forget," which means one does not need to worry about when to activate it. It is useful anywhere


  • The biggest downside to it is its ability to soak down, which is effectively none. The Combat Drone cannot be damaged in any way, and having an extra 160 damage per second doesn't mean anything since you're dead
  • The Combat Drone will only target one enemy in its sight range. If a new enemy comes into its range while the Combat Drone is targeting another enemy, it will ignore the second enemy and continue shooting
  • The Combat Drone cannot tell if there is a wall in the way of its bullets, making the above tip more frustrating
  • The Drone's range is significantly smaller than the other Killstreaks, covering only have the screen in both directions, meaning one will need to get up close and personal if they want to do any real damage with the drone
  • The Combat Drone also has a shorter life timer than other killstreaks, lasting only 8 instead of the usual 12


  • As mentioned before, the Drone is a very much "fire and forget" ability. It does not matter where you activate it, and since one is able to get it back so quickly, you can activate another withing the same minute.
  • Because its range is so short it is better as a sort of ambushing tool, where the Enemy will have no time to shoot at you before the drone locks on
  • The Killstreak dominates in 1v1 scenarios, due to its flawed AI targeting method

Tesla CoilEdit

By far one of the sturdiest objects in the game, the Tesla Coil is amazing at area denial and is unmatched when it comes to soaking up damage. The Tesla Coil has roughly 2.5 the amount of health you have, as well as being able to damage opponents almost instantly when activated. It boasts 4 RPS, doing 10 damage at

Tesla Coil

A Tesla Coil by itself

Level 1 to 40 damage per shock. Even Juggernauts won;t be able to stand up to that level of firepower. It also heavily reduces damage by 40% when an enemy is in its range, and is able to target an infinite number of enemies at once. However, it is relatively expensive and hard to use when it comes to knowing when to drop it, as the Killstreak bar is often glitched with this structure, ending early.


  • The Tesla Coil is able to withstand a withering amount of punishment, even more with a full level Juggernaut with armor, taking into consideration its damage reduction as well
  • When it comes to an instant meat shield, the Tesla is unmatched when it comes to both duration and health
  • It lasts much longer than other Killstreaks, a total of 18 seconds, almost 150% of the Battle Turret
  • It does more damage than any other killstreak that the Engineer possesses, only beaten by the Combat Drone, and only when said Drone has accumulated at least 2 drones. It does a whopping 2880 damage, meaning almost nothing is able to survive within it for more than 6 seconds at most
  • It excels at area denial, as your opponents are forced to walk through the death circle if they wish to complete an objective, with the alternative staying in the open


  • The range on the Tesla is incredibly small, with opponents needing to be almost right next to it for the damage to take place
  • The Tesla is easily picked off from a distance due to its short range
  • A recurring glitch with the Engineer's Killstreak Bar is ending early while the building is still up, thus any kills one accumalated while the building is still up is erased once the building is destroyed. The Tesla ends at the same time as all of the other killstreaks, at roughly 10 seconds, leaving an ample amount of time for you to rack up kills only to have it erased


  • It may be smart to dump your Tesla in front of your team, as while it is an extremely powerful area denial tool, its ultimate purpose is to be a meat shield for you and your team
  • While double the amount of health sounds amazing, the Engineer has a relatively modest amount of health to begin with anyway, and as with most structures, it is vulnerable during its set-up stage. It may be smart to use it in choke points while it can substitute as a Juggernaut
  • Due to its ability to strike multiple opponents at once, a fun and risky strategy is to drop the Tesla from a high place among a group of enemies and watch them all get singed to a crisp

Rocket SentryEdit

When it comes to raw power and the level of threat it possesses, the Rocket Sentry, or War Sentry as refered

War Sentry

A War Sentry

to as in the game files, has no competition. It shoots Javelin strength missiles while possessing the same accuracy of a Battle Turret. It is undoubtedly, when it comes to assaulting and threatening an enemies front lines, the Engineers most powerful tool. Despite this, it fires at a slower ROF to account for the damage the missiles do, and it possesses the same mechanics of the Battle Turret; slow turning speed and vulnerability. It fires its missiles at 1.25 RPS, and does 45 damage at level 1 to 90 damage at level 50.


  • Hands down, one of the most damaging weapons in the game, fourth only to the RPG, Judgement shotgun, and the Sniper's bolt-action sniper rifle
  • The gun does 1350 in its lifetime, if all of the missiles hit their targets
  • The Rocket Sentry does an average of 112.5 DPS
  • This Killstreak excels at swift and prejudiced destruction of all enemies within into its range. Once a Rocket Sentry is locked onto an enemy, their chance of escape is very slim


  • The Rocket Sentry shares all of the disadvantages of the Battle Turret, with the added con of needing a lot more effort to activate this killstreak
  • The gun shares its fragile health pool with the Engineer, and is usually very easily taken out from a distance
  • Since the gun takes a lot more effort to earn, it is ill-advised to use the Rocket Sentry as a shield, as all of the work will be put to waste.


  • The Rocket Sentry, while extremely powerful compared to the abilities of the Engineer's other Killstreaks, ultimately is the weakest of all choices when it comes to usefulness, due to its extremely high cost, the short amount of time that the Sentry is active, as well as being very situational
  • The Rocket Sentry does better than the Battle Turret when it comes to defending an area, due to it being able to output more damage before the enemy can escape
  • It is recommended that one uses the Efficiency skill with this Killstreak, if only to make such an expensive Killstreak not as punishing to use


  • If one deploys a building from a high place, such as the shaft on Factory, the building's life timer will stay go down, even if the building isn't even operational yet
  • Out of all of the buildings, the Tesla Coil does the most damage over time, but the Battle Turret does the most DPS
  • The maximum amount of Combat Drones one is able to have at one time is roughly 7, but only if one is playing on a Deathmatch game with 11 other bots AND with efficiency and is able to kill them quick enough before the Drone's timer expires
  • 7 Combat Drones would have the combined DPS of 1680, and a total damage during its lifespan of a whopping 13440 damage
  • It is possible for one to place down 2 Tesla Coils at once, if one manages to kill 4 more enemies before the Killstreak Bar resets, however, the new Tesla Coil will immediately self destruct upon it resetting
  • The Combat Drone is the only Killstreak in the game that is able to stack on one another
  • To calculate the Engineer's building's total DPS, use the equation DMG x ROF (Damage times Rate of Fire)
  • To calculate the total damage that an Engineer's building can do over time, use the equation LFSPN x ROF = #SF x DMG (The Number of seconds a Building can live for times its Rate of Fire equals the Number of Times a building can shoot times the Amount of Damage it does

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