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This page is for the playable Engineer. Click to View Nathan, your teammate.

About the EngineerEdit

The Engineer

The Engineer is a very versatile class, and is extremely effective in combat. His Assault Rifles are very powerful if used correctly, and he can support both his team and himself with mechanical killstreaks. Standing behind a Turret, blazing away with an Assault Rifle is what the Engineer does best.

This soldier class was designed as a replacement for the SFH 1 Medic, but is probably more similar to the Commando in his Killstreaks and Skills.

His moderate amount of health doesn't make him the strongest class, but Engineers are not to be underestimated. Many Snipers have quailed at the sight of him laying down his Tesla Tower, and as Nathan once said, "Construction for destruction".


Character Selection QuotesEdit

"Construction or destruction." "Let's get technical."

Killstreak quotesEdit

"Tesla Coil down." "Battle turret deployed" "Rocket Sentry Out."

Passive SkillsEdit

Iron Grip: A strong grip on your weapon ensures best accuracy
  • Iron Grip Skill
  • Adrenaline Skill
  • Repair Bots Skill
  • Efficiency Skill
at all times. Aim is not decreased by Firing or Movement. (Unlocked at level 2)

Adrenaline: Increase your fire rate while being damaged. +15% Fire Rate when being hit. {Changed from 25% with the v1.5 update, around 14 hours after the game was released.} (Unlocked at level 6)

Repair Bots: When injured, Nano Repair Bots repair your wounds, speeding up recovery. 4x Health Regeneration, giving the engineer high survivalbility. (Unlocked at level 10)

Efficiency: All gadgets are created with great efficiency, allowing them to be deployed quicker. Killstreaks require 1 less kill. (Unlocked at level 14)


Battle Turret (4 kills): Deploy a Battle Turret to guard an area for 10 seconds. (unlocked at level 4)'

Combat Drone (3 kills): A Combat Drone follows you and attacks enemies for 7 seconds. {Can stack multiple drones}. (Unlocked at level 8)

Tesla Coil (4 kills): Damages nearby enemies and lowers their damage output for 15 seconds. Has very high health. (Unlocked at level 16)

Rocket Sentry (6 kills): Deploy a Rocket Sentry to destroy everything in its vision for 10 seconds. (Unlocked at level 20)

Primary WeaponsEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

M4A4 Assault Rifle

F2000 Assault Rifle

XM8 Assault Rifle

ARX 160 Assault Rifle

Scar Assault Rifle

Famas Assault Rifle

AK 12 Assault Rifle

QBZ 95 Assault Rifle



Bizon SMG

Patriot SMG






Secondary WeaponsEdit

Kriss Kard Pistol

PP2000 Pistol

Desert Eagle Pistol

Five Seven Pistol

Beretta PX4 Pistol

Automag Pistol

USP Pistol

M1911 Pistol

P99 Pistol

Raffica Pistol

Glock 18 Pistol

FMG9 Pistol

MP9 Pistol

Throwing Knife Pistol

Wrench Melee

First Blood Melee

Katana Melee

Shock Rod Melee

Primary AttachmentsEdit

Assault RifleEdit

Hollow Point Assault Rifle

HAMR Assault Rifle

Laser Sight Assault Rifle

Heartbeat Sensor Assault Rifle

FMJ Rounds Assault Rifle

Loudner Assault Rifle

Extended Mags Assault Rifle


Extended Mags SMG

EMP Rounds SMG

Incendiary Rounds SMG

Nitrogen Rounds SMG

Corrosive Rounds SMG

Red Dot SMG

Silencer SMG

Grip SMG


Kevlar Vest [1]
  • Kevlar Vest Armor
  • Superalloy Vest Armor
  • Magnetic Shield Armor
  • Aerogel Case Armor
  • Military Jacket Armor
  • Kevlar Vest Armor
  • Superalloy Vest Armor
  • Magnetic Shield Armor
  • Aerogel Case Armor
  • Static Exoskel Armor
  • Oobleck Armor
  • Military Jacket Armor

Superalloy Vest

Military Jacket

Magnetic Shield

Aerogel Case

Static Exoskel

Oobleck Armor

Camos and AppearanceEdit




  • Hot Rod
  • Polka Dot
  • Sting
  • Vitamin-C
  • Glitch in the System
  • GlobeX
  • Digital
  • Tundra
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Blood Stained
  • Hot Lava
  • Urban
  • Patriotic
  • Deep Blue
  • Frozen Lake
  • Oceanic
  • Bandages
  • Jungle
  • Desert Storm
  • Army Drab


Character selection quotes:

"Construction for destruction" - This phrase referrers to the Engineer's skill in constructing his mechanical Killstreaks, and destroying his enemies'.

"Let's get technical" - Another reference to his building skills. The Engineer's technical ability can fix/destroy anything mechanical!

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