Dooty Launcher

Dooty Launcher

The Dooty Launcher is a special weapon that can only be obtained by spinning three poops on the Slot Machine, similar to the Sheep Cannon. Like the Sheep Cannon, it is considered a Perfect Weapon . It shoots poop on your enemies, and can be a one-hit kill against most classes(except the Mercenary and Juggernaut). If you're good with grenade launchers(specifically the xm25), you'll like this "weapon," since its projectile is fired in an arch similar to a grenade. It also makes a fart sound when shot, and leaves a brown residue behind on the target for a few seconds. With it's high damage shots and substantial ammo capacity, you'll have fun with this weapon in the field. Its shots launch corpses ridiculously far, with a satisfying "whack" sound effect. Note that the "residue" does not have any effect. It is there just for humour and effects.It is very rare so don't get your hopes too high . As most of the stuff you get from 3 poops are junk......if you get this OR the Sheep Cannon, then you are VERY LUCKY!!!!

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