Challenge Level 12 - Defection

Defection is a challenge in Strike Force Heroes 2, and widely considered to be the hardest one, although it is not the last one.

Map: Factory

Mode: Capture the Flag

Flags to Win: 5

Mission DescriptionEdit

Your team is slowly defecting to the enemy side.


Hp: x1.5


This is one of the hardest challenges to beat. Everytime you capture a flag, a random teammate will swap teams, and the very annoying thing is that if your teammate captures a flag and defects, the flag point will also go to the other team. The first few flags are relatively easy, but afterwards, it is very difficult. The least gaurded path is far up top so I suggest going up there. The last flag has you capping with only one teammate, and the only real way to finish the level then is to grab the enemy flag and RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN to the other side before they capture the flags. This will definitely take a few tries, and a good long range secondary will surely help. By the end, the opponent should get only 2 or 3 flags when you complete the challenge.


  • In an update to the game, Justin buffed your health by 1.5x, since it was nearly impossible to finish it without some extra health.
  • In a different update, Justin changed the names of the soldiers that betray you to "Shady Soldier", and added one soldier who stays on your team with the name "Loyal Soldier".


If your shady team has snipers, quit the game and restart. This will make the challenge no harder than it was at the beginning of the challenge :).

Also, if your soldier is at level 50, playing on Hard difficulty won't be much different then playing on Insane difficulty, so jump right to insane.

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