DSR1 (3)

DSR1 Sniper Rifle

The DSR1 is a sniper rifle for the Sniper class in Strike Force Heroes 2. It is the second-most damaging sniper rifle on average, after the Intervention. With a relatively quick rate of fire, high accuracy and range, and the aforementioned powerful punch, the DSR1 is a very deadly weapon for experienced players.

Unfortunately, it has a very low magazine capacity,the smallest in the sniper class. Because of this, Extended Mags is highly recommended to remedy the ammunition problem somewhat. Otherwise, make sure you take a few trips to the ammo supply points once in a while.

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: The DSR1 is best used with a reliable secondary with a large ammo supply, such as the Five Seven. This is to be used as backup when either you have to reload or the DSR1 runs out of ammo.

Recommended use against: This sniper rifle can take down even the strongest targets in a few headshots. If you are good at chaining headshots, you can use Overkill with devastating effect.

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