Commando Rocket Launcer

Commando Rocket Launcher

The Commando is a Rocket Launcher primary for the Mercenary. It is a remake of the Commando rocket launcher in Strike Force Heroes 1. Dex uses this launcher in the campaign level Gene Therapy. Its real-life equivalent is the M202 FLASH. It is similar to the Black Box used by the Soldier in Team Fortress 2.

Practical InformationEdit

A single click of the mouse will shoot off all four rockets in a single burst, so this weapon can usually take out a non-armored enemy in a single shot, so long as all the rockets hit.

It has low accuracy, but high range, so you can, for the most part, spam (No, you will not get banned!) rockets in the enemies' general direction.

The Commando has a higher DPC (Damage Per Clip) than the RPG in most cases. And the accuracy is countered by the size of the clip. However, it's downside is that the Commando doesn't do full damage untill the clip finishes unlike other Rocket Launchers. This seems like a minor drawback but you may find yourself firing 1 or 2 rockets before you die, therefore dealing 25% to 50% of the damage you are supposed to. Also, it could be frustrating to see that.


Recommended to use with: Fast, strong secondary, such as the Shock Rod or Katana.

Recommended to use against: Anyone. Just blast them with this! But remember that you might need to fire twice to kill them due to its inaccuracy.

Note: It has low damage, but all 4 rockets fly out at once!

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