Cobra Elemental

The Cobra is a acid shooting primary for the Juggernaut. It fires a highly accurate cloud of acid, which damages targets for a long period of time.

Practical InformationEdit

The Cobra excels at close range, with an paralleled damage per second, along with applying a devastating Acid effect. The damage itself is one of the highest of all the elemental weapons, with on of the highest rates of fire, too.

However, this weapon has one problem: it's only effective at short range, and at short range, this weapon can seriously hurt/kill/maim/suicide you. The already frighteningly high damage (which can also damage yourself) is further augmented by the serious damage that the Acid effect can do. So while this weapon will utterly destroy your enemies, in our experiences, you will inadvertently kill yourself at least a quarter of the time. So the moral of the story is: although the Cobra is an excellent weapon, it is very dangerous to use unless you have the Resistance skill.


Recommended use with: Long range secondary, such as the Throwing Knife. The Resistance Passive skill is also a very good mod for this, as it allows you to kill your enemies, without getting the long lasting acid on yourself. It does not, however, protect you from any damage, it only protects you from residual damage.

Recommended use against: Slow fire rate weapons

Recommended tactics: Hide and attack. Try to kill one enemy at a time. Or hit a bunch of people and run away while blasting them with your secondary.

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