The Cerberus is a primary machine gun for the Mercenary class. It is considered the best and most powerful machine gun in the game. It is based on the concept of the Kaiga 5.56mm M404, before Deus Ex: Human Revolution changed the weapon to the design currently in game.

Practical InformationEdit

The Cerberus has high range and medium accuracy, and combined with it's medium damage, it is truly a dangerous weapon in the right hands.

It is belt loaded, so no need to worry about clips. All the bullets are at your disposal.


Levels to use with: Night of the Ninja. It's high ammunition and power give you the ability to continually shoot, revealing your enemies.

Recommended tactics: Fight your enemies to their weaknesses. Long range enemies (such as the Sniper and Engineer) should be attacked close up, while short range enemies (such as Juggernaut and General) should be taken out from a distance. If you have the Red Dot attachment, it is advised to use it for this gun. The boosted accuracy would greatly increase your deadliness.

Recommended to use with: Any high damage pistol. Like the Desert Eagle or the Kriss Kard. You could also use Throwing Knifes to space your enemies out better. 


The Cerberus is used by one of the game creators, Mike.

The Cerberus' little brother is the Minigun.

The Cerberus is probably also a reference to one of the companies you encounter in the Mass Effect series.

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