General's Abilities

The General with Magnums equipped

Dual Magnums are a weapon type playable only by the General class. They are good all around weapons, and add critical chance when equipped. If you know how to use them, they can be your best friend.

So, put the sheriff hat, and charge into battle, relive the wild west. Spin the chambers and pull the triggers. Equip these dual guns, and the outlaws will be brought to justice before they shoot you.

Dual Magnum StrengthsEdit

Dual Magnums are excellent at close quarters (within 15 feet or so). Their decent damage stat combined with good rps and the extra critical chance makes dealing with non-juggernaut enemies easy. The high damage of some guns like the No Name's and .500s makes it possible to deal with juggernauts at close range, if you fire fast enough or equip full auto skill.

Dual Magnum WeaknessesEdit

The biggest weakness of the Dual Magnums is its ammo capacity. While the Full Auto skill can be fun to use, it is risky for dual magnums, because it will empty out your clips fast. Instead, Gun Play is very useful because you don't have to reload after every kill like you normally would without it. The Magnum's range is also somewhat low, but that's not much of a problem.

Recommended Use WithEdit

A high damage and range secondary like the Desert Eagle or Automag to finish enemies off when they try to run out of your range. Military Jacket and Extended Mags are good to prolong fire for longer.

Reccomended Use AgainstEdit

Other Up-Close-And-Personal classes like the Mercenary, Engineer, other Generals, and, providing you have a strong enough weapon, Juggernaut. Snipers are troublesome because of the magnum's lack of range.

Dual Magnum ListEdit





No Name's

Taurus 44's

Raging Bull's

Raging Judge's

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