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Bizon (2)

Bizon SMG

The Bizon is a submachine gun in Strike Force Heroes 2. It boasts a high rate of fire and unparalleled magazine capacity. Unfortunately, the accuracy is mediocre at best, and the damage is probably the lowest of all SMGs, perhaps at the same level as the Patriot.

This weapon is quite good at close range, as the rate of fire will make short work of anyone who gets into your sights. However, since the range and accuracy aren't that good, you will be handicapped at longer ranges. The ammunition capacity is very high, perhaps higher than most machine guns. So, you will definitely not have to worry about running out of ammo.

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: If you plan to use this weapon, bring along a secondary of sufficient power and accuracy, like a Desert Eagle, Beretta Px4, Kriss Kard, Throwing Knife, or others. If you use the Red Dot Sight attachment, you can probably afford to take a less accurate pistol like the Automag.

Recommended use against: While the Bizon can deal with most enemies, be careful with Juggernauts. By the time you can deal damage to them with this weapon, they probably can already hit you, which can be a serious problem.

Trivia Edit

  • there is a glitch where the bottom piece of the barrel will not appear in game, only on the icon.
  • The weapon bares less of a resemblance to the PP-19 but more like the PP-90M1.

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