Bigger and Badder

Challenge Level 15 - Bigger and Badder

Map: Mansion (Lab)

Mode: Team Deathmatch

Kills to Win: 25

Mission DescriptionEdit

Defeat the game creators once again.




This map is the normal Mansion Lab map, so there is nothing special there. There are two enemies- Mike and Justin, the creators of the game. As in the first Strike Force Heroes, they are both hard to kill and get progressively more powerful as the match goes on. This actually isn't the hardest challenge if you've leveled up your character considerably (25-30ish), and have good weapons.


  • If you have a good quality Intervention on hand, use it. Extreme Focus will help quite a bit, being able to one-hit-kill both of them early on with a single shot to the head. If you lack an Intervention, pick the most powerful sniper rifle you have, unless it has horrible accuracy. This only applies to people using the sniper class though.
  • Mike is probably going to kill you less often since his weapons are relatively short ranged, but he has a lot of health. Justin has a bit less health, but he is very powerful, so your priority at long range is Justin.
  • Later on in the match, after killing them a few times, Justin or Mike will comment on your skill, and they will both pick up the pace. This is when it gets complicated- they will start using Surge, so your weapons are less effective, and they can kill you much easier. At this part, if you have a sniper, stay back and camp. If you have a good weapon, just try to stay alive and keep your score ahead of theirs. Victory should come soon if you follow these.
  • For Snipers, try using your most powerful Intervention, attach a Laser Sight to give it more headshot damage, either use a Kriss Kard or maybe a Desert Eagle as a secondary. Use the Overkill Skill and either get Aim Bot or True Stealth: Aim Bot if you want to kill more. True Stealth if you want to fight cautiously.
  • For Engineers use repair bots and combat drone abilities. For juggernaut use the judgement with long barrel or louder and Katana and use the resistance skill and corrosion.

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