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The Beretta Px4 is a pistol for all classes in Strike Force Heroes 2. The real gun that this is modeled after is called the Beretta Px4 Storm. In the game, it is arguably one of the best long range handguns. It is accurate enough to get headshots, and reasonably powerful.

Recommended UseEdit

Best used with: A short-to-medium ranged primary. This pistol can take down enemies easily at longer ranges, but isn't great for short range, where other weapons are more viable.

Tactics: This pistol is better at long range than a lot of primaries, so if you use a short range gun, this is a handy thing to have. As with all pistols, it is most effective against weakened targets, but due to its excellent range, you can hold out with this gun until you get ammo for your primary, or if you have a really short range primary, and are up against another short range guy, you can kill or weaken him with this at long range.

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