Barrett Sniper Rifle

Barrett Sniper Rifle

The Juggernaut killer of all the weapons in the game, the Barrett has moderate-low damage as a semi-auto sniper rifle, moderate rate of fire, low accuracy, and good range. With enough practice, this weapon really can kill almost anything within a few shots.

However, the Barrett is often underestimated because just looking at the stats, one would expect it to be useless. This is not exactly the case; combined with the damage and fire-rate (Which is not as slow as some people think), the Barrett can actually kill as fast as the MK 14, and the longer lasting clip is here to counter the accuracy.

Due to it's low accuracy, a good strategy is to just crouch and camp in a position where enemies must attack at close range, Or, jump, dodge, and crouch, while blasting away at your enemies. Even though this weapon is quite powerful, you must still take care in assaulting Juggernauts, as if you don't attack from just the right distance they will blow you to pieces before you can blink.

A stronger, yet slower version of the Dragunov, this weapon isn't really designed for the headshot bonus - it's there for brute power, taking out multiple single enemies for extended periods of time.

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: Although not hard to figure out, ACOG Sniper is recommended for the Barrett as well as other low accuracy sniper rifles.

The Barrett has high enough damage to qualify as a good weapon to be used with Overkill. As for the killstreak, use Aimbot. As the weapon is unable to land headshots consistently, this killstreak greatly assists in doing so. Wallhack generally works with any sniper rifle, including the Barrett.

The RoF and Damage of this weapon is greatly balanced, allowing it to be used in many situations, from dealing with multiple enemies to finishing off low health enemies. So a pistol doesn't really make sense, even the ones with high accuracy. A melee or such will do.

Recommended use against: Referring to the above, the Barrett is good for dealing with many enemies, except enemy snipers, especially when they are wielding 1-shot weapons. The Barrett can't kill them with one shot and is too inaccurate to counter them properly.

The Barrett has a very specific range of effectiveness, between 30 and 40ft. A little to low will get the sniper dead, a little too high make the sniper miss his shots. This weapon is weak against crouching enemies, powerful against jumping or running enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • The Barrett, oddly, has less damage than some of the other sniper rifles, in spite of the fact that it fires a round originally designed for anti-tank use.

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