The Automag Pistol

The Automag deals a more than decent amount of damage and is very effective at close-medium range. It is powerful enough to reach even the furthest away enemies, but is moderately inaccurate at long ranges. The clip size is very small, holding only 5 rounds, but this isn't much of a problem because of the Automag's high damage output and excellent rate of fire. Just don't forget to reload! Be aware that you will possibly empty your entire clip if using the pistol for sniping, because of the inaccuracy, but again, the rate of fire and the damage output make this unimportant. A very useful pistol to have! This is slightly nerfed by the fact that the Desert Eagle is better in every stat, INCLUDING mag size, while being rarer than the Desert Eagle. In some peoples' opinions, his weapon should only be used for gags, as it seems to appear upgraded more than the Desert Eagle.

Practical InformationEdit

Recommended use with: Anything. This pistol is powerful and versatile enough to make up for range incongruencies of any weapon. It is especially effective as a backup to rapid-fire primaries such as Assault rifles and Machine guns.

Recommended use against: One of the few pistols that can kill Juggernauts within a reasonable period of time, it is very effective and efficient. However, it is best to use it against already weakened enemies, as this can give you a quick kill, in typically 1-3 shots at higher levels.

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