The M4A4, the starter Assault Rifle for the Engineer

The Assault Rifle is a primary weapon exclusive to the Engineer Class. The assault rifle, combined with its high rate of fire and accuracy can be a formidable weapon on the battlefield.

Assault Rifle StrengthsEdit

The assault rifle offers a wide range of possibilities, as they can be single fire, two or three round burst, or fully automatic weapons. The assault rifle is a balanced weapon, with reasonably high stats in every area, especially accuracy. An experienced engineer with a good assault rifle can be used for just about every campaign mission and challenge.

Assault Rifle WeaknessesEdit

The Assault rifle has a relatively low damage stat. Although it has a high rate of fire, it can be especially time consuming and dangerous to attack an enemy juggernaut, due to their high health and tendency to charge right at you.

Reccomended Use WithEdit

A strong pistol like the Desert Eagle or Automag. You can use it when you need to finish off an enemy, as their damage is higher than any assault rifle's.

Reccomended Use AgainstEdit

Any class, just don't try to compete with a Juggernaut or general at close range, or a sniper at long range. Get into optimal proximity before attacking.

Assault Rifle ListEdit

M4A4 Assault Rifle

F2000 Assault Rifle

XM8 Assault Rifle

ARX 160 Assault Rifle

Scar Assault Rifle

Famas Assault Rifle

AK 12 Assault Rifle

QBZ 95 Assault Rifle

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