The AKS 74 is an SMG in Strike Force Heroes 2.


AKS 74 Sub-machine Gun

AKS 74

AKS 74 - is a well-balanced SMG with relatively hefty damage, a moderately high fire rate, and good accuracy and range. The damage is superior to the Bizon, P90, or Patriot. The rate of fire, as stated before, is quite high, but not too high. The accuracy is on par with an assault rifle, and the range is quite good for an SMG.

Overall, this is the most assualt rifle-like of all the SMGs, so if you love assault rifles, this will feel very similar.

Practical InformationEdit

This gun pairs well with a Red Dot Sight, and even a Silencer if you are fine with the damage loss. The other attachments may not be quite as useful, since the elemental rounds are best paired with a SMG of very high rate of fire, like the Patriot.


Recommended use with: If you're using the Red Dot Sight, it's really up to you what secondary you want. If you want to pack some extra punch at close range, you might want to bring a machine pistol. Otherwise, a secondary with accuracy is advised for those times where your targets are just out of range.

Recommended use against: The AKS 74 can deal with most enemies, but be careful to stay out of close range when confronting Generals and Juggernauts.

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